MAXIMO DESARROLLO LIMITED, only charge 5% (five percent) of the amounts that are received and that will be transferred to the corresponding wallet, for that reason it is SO IMPORTANT that in each deposit that the user makes or receives, indicate YOUR NUMBER OF CONTRACT FOR THE PROVISION OF SERVICES as a CONCEPT, in order to know to which user each deposit has to be reviewed.

Regarding withdrawals, SEPA does not charge a shipping cost, while SWIFT charges 0.35% of the value that is sent via SWIFT, to cover the issuance and transfer costs of the SWIFT system, these amounts will be deducted from the economic amount requested for withdrawal via SWIFT.

Regarding CRYPTOCURRENCIES, every time you as a user of MAXIMO DESARROLLO WALLET wish to make the purchase of cryptocurrencies for withdrawal to your wallet, we will charge you a commission of 1% of the economic value that you wish to buy and that will be deducted from the credit from your wallet.

In the event of the closure of your wallet by any of the items indicated in section 12 of your contract for the provision of services, MAXIMO DESARROLLO LIMITED, the possibility of:
1) Deduct closing costs from the credit in your wallet for just cause.
2) Issuance of a proforma invoice as compensation for moral damages in addition to the discount of part of that value, or the full value, of the proforma invoice for the concept indicated above.

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